Envoy says Zambia’s peace could be undermined

Italy has warned that the current political language being used by politicians in the country is a recipe for tension.
Speaking g to Q fm in an interview, Italian Acting Ambassador to Zambia Guido Bilancini said the current political language has the potential to undermine peace and unity the country has enjoyed for years.
Ambassador Bilancini observes that two strong different languages cannot promote unity in the country.
He said politics of name calling and insults are a danger to democracy in any society, adding such should not be tolerated if the country is to continue enjoying peace and stability.
He added that there is need for politicians to start debating issues in a civilized manner for the benefit of national development.
Mr Bilancini said it is possible for Zambia to have a clean political scene that cannot undermine the long enjoyed peace and stability since the country gained independence in 1964.

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