Envoy to Namibia complains to opposition MPs over poor funding

Dear Editor,
I was left in utter shock to hear about the running of the Zambian Embassy in Namibia.
The Ambassador Miss Wendy Sinkala invited opposotion Members of Parliament, who
are in Namibia to meet with a Committee in Namibia to discuss matters of local governance,
to her office where she met them for almost an hour.
The Ambassador spent the majority of this time telling the MPs who included Honourable
Mutinta Mazoka – UPND, Honourable Edger Sing’ombe – UPND, Honourable Kabinga Pande – MMD
and thirteen other MPs about how government had failed to fund her office since she arrived.
The Members of Parliament were shocked that a courtesy call to the Ambassador turned into a
report about the many problems which the Embassy is facing. She said that since her arrival one year
ago they have only been given US$2000 and have to scrounge around to pay utilities.
They also have nine government houses which are almost crumbling because the government never
heeds their calls for funds to maintain the houses which are on the verge of collapsing.
Miss Sinkala complained about her not being able to hold meetings with various stakeholders to
try and tap into some of the investment or indeed tourism which Namibia enjoys.
It fills me with deep regret to see the extent to which our government can allow our Embassies which are
supposed to be the face of our nation abroad to be run in this way.

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