ERB says it’s inevitable to increase electricity tariffs

ERB says it’s inevitable to increase electricity tariffs

Rayford Mpundu

By Ruth Chayinda (ZNBC) The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) says the migration towards cost reflective tariffs in the energy sector is inevitable for ZESCO and the economy.

ERB Board Chairperson Raymond Mpundu who officially opened the ERB public hearing on the ZESCO application to vary electricity tariffs in Lusaka today, said the board targets to decide on ZESCO’s application within this month.

ZWD question: so what is the purpose of public hearings if ERB has already resolved to allow Zesco to increase tariffs? Is it for ERB bosses to receive sitting allowances or what ?

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    The ERB has to follow the ‘procedure’,ALL the hearings are academic.They are a waste of time & resources.Electricity tariffs have already been determined,what stops them being implemented is just the politics,ie the cry of the people & fear of losing elections by the politicians.

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    Miles Mulenga 2 weeks ago

    What do you expect? Zesco is 100% state owned, and its bosses are all appointed by State House. The ERB is supposed to be an independent body, but the entire board is appointed by State House. Add to that the Ministry of Energy, whose top is – you guessed it – appointed by State House, and you have a mix of political appointees who don’t know anything about energy; they were only appointed because of their unwavering support of Edgar China Lungu. Last year the ERB showed their true faces by following up on instructions from State House to increase the tariffs, we didn’t get public hearings then! Now we have the hearings again, but you can bet your bottom dollar the chairman will just follow State House. Independent regulator – my foot!