Errol Hickey puts radio phoenix on sale



Radio Phoenix owner Errol Hickey has announced that he is retiring from running the country’ oldest private radio station.
Hickey told journalists Wednesday morning that he is therefore looking for a buyer to take over the station.
He said he has managed to keep the radio on air in the past 13 years of frustration.
He did not give the real reasons for his resolve to leave the media next year but admitted that he has been frustrated by constant threats on his station by government.
Asked if he will be willing to sell the station to government, Hickey said ‘there is strong possibility that I could say no’.
He did not disclose how much he wants for the station and was not forthcoming on the value of the station.

Hickey also appealed to journalists to form an organisation that can help the media when threatened.
He said the existing media associations have failed to protect journalists and also to fight for Freedom of Information law.

Radio Phoenix was established in 1996 and has 52 employees.

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