Errol Hickey to sale 66% shares in Radio Phoenix

Radio Phoenix, Zambia’s first privately-owned station, is in the process of offering 66 percent shares to the public.

Radio Phoenix chairman Errol Hickey, who plans to retire after running the radio station for about 16 years, says it is important for Zambians to participate in the running of the media institution.

This is the second time Hickey is making the announcement. He made similar pronouncements at a press briefing in 2010.
Mr Hickey said several individuals and firms have made enquiries since the media institution issued a request for expression of interest last week.
He said this in an interview in Lusaka.
“The offer is open to every Zambian and we are optimistic that the public can buy shares in the station because I want to retire after running it for 16 years,” he said.
Mr Hickey said Radio Phoenix has actively participated in the success of electronic media with a footprint in four provinces, with plans to expand to other provinces this year.

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