Esa Chulu wants Priscilla Isaacs back at ECZ

Esa Chulu wants Priscilla Isaacs back at ECZ

ECZ Chairperson seeks return of Priscilla Isaacs as Director

Lusaka- Tuesday December 5, 2017

Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Commission Chairperson Judge Essau Chulu is reported to be behind hastened manouvres to see the return to duty of retired Director, Priscilla Isaacs.

This appears to be a turn-about decision and probably a betrayal of Chomba Chella who has been acting as Chief Electoral Officer(CEO since August.

Recently Priscilla Isaacs has frequently been found with Judge Essau Chulu and it remains unknown why the senior Judge would seek the services of a retired officer.

Judge Chulu has since placed adverts in national newspapers inviting candidates to apply for what appeared to be Chomba Chella’s job.

The Chief Electoral Officer/ Director provides oversight and management of the ECZ and runs national and by elections.

The Director reports to the Commission of the ECZ chaired by Judge Essau Chulu.

Chomba Chella has been instrumental in the running of the general elections of 2011, presidential by election of 2015& and the general elections of 2016.

He was seen as the hatchet man for the ruling Patriotic Front in the deeply divided ECZ.

Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) announced in August 2017 that Chief Electoral Officer Priscilla Isaac’s contract had come to an end.

ECZ Public Relations Officer Raphael Phiri announced that Ms Isaac’s contract had come to an end on Thursday 31st August, 2017.

Mr Phiri said Ms Isaac opted not to renew her contract after serving the Commission for over 17 years.

Ms Isaac joined the Commission as a public relations officer before being elevated to Deputy Director Elections and Voter Education.

Director of Electoral Operations, Chomba Chella was appointed to act as Chief Electoral Officer pending confirmation from the Commission.E

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