Esau Chuulu continues to draw dirty money from Dubai

Esau Chuulu continues to draw dirty money from Dubai

Esau Chulu: at centre of rigging

Esau Chulu: at centre of rigging and now enjoying dirty money

Electoral Commission of Zambia – ECZ corrupt chairperson ‘Judge’ Esau Chuulu has continued to get dirty money from Dubai, as part of the deal he allowed with the printing of 2016 elections ballot papers and consequently the rigging in favour of PF’s Edgar Lungu that followed.

Esau Chulu has been in Dubai the last five days and today was aboard an Emirates plane, we challenge this shameless Chuulu to deny this. Our informer station at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport – KKIA has disclosed that Chuulu was aboard the business class and his flight touched down at 14:40 Zambian time.

Chuulu who was booked at luxurious hotels in Dubai and accompanied by his wife had plenty of duty free shopping. His secret  trip was preceded by former President and godfather of corruption Rupiah Banda who is also a cousin to Chuulu and influenced his appointment.

Chuulu, together with Priscilla Isaacs and other PF criminals in the ECZ worked to steal the electoral victory of UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema during the 2016 general elections. Hichilema and his running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba have since petitioned the results of the elections marred with unseen irregularities in the history of Zambia.


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