Eskom: We have ‘non-firm’ power contracts with Zambia

Eskom: We have ‘non-firm’ power contracts with Zambia


Eskom’s chief operations officer, Jan Oberholzer, has confirmed to journalists that the power utility entered into contracts to supply power to Zambia – but only if it is available.

Jan was responding to questions from media, following a briefing by President Cyril Ramaphosa at MegaWatt Park, on the steps being taken to resolve the load shedding crisis.

Oberholzer responded to a question about the conditions under which the power utility exports power to neighbouring states.

“We have contracts that we have signed, with Zesa of Zimbabwe and Zesco of Zambia. We do export specifically to Zimbabwe at this point in time. I do not know if we have started with Zesco,” he said.

Oberholzer said he signed the contract with Zesco two weeks ago.

He emphasised that this is “non-firm” power. “If Eskom needs the power, we do not export the power. The contracts have been signed as non-firm,” he stressed.

Oberholzer also apologised to the public for the “embarassment” of Eskom having to implement stage 6 load shedding earlier this week. You

ZWD Comment: on 14 November 2019, Minister of Finance Bwalya Ng’andu told the nation that the Zambian Government paid $27 million to Eskom of South Africa for the importation of 300 megawatts of electricity for a period of one month.

Bwalya Ng’andu told Journalists in Lusaka that a bank transfer of that amount to Eskom was made on Thursday 7 November 2019.

Now Eskom says a non firm contract was signed two weeks ago.

So, does it mean that Zambia paid $27 million to Eskom before signing a contract? Bwalya Ng’andu has a lot to explain. Did he actually pay that money or it was looted as usual ?

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