Essential commodities shortages: Mulongoti says Sata failing to govern

Essential commodities shortages: Mulongoti says Sata failing to govern


Former works and supply minister Mike Mulongoti has said President Michael Sata is facing difficulties to govern the country because of appointing wrong people in government.

Mulongoti said the issues of shortage of mealie meal, poor maize marketing and lack of coordination in decision making is making the Patriotic Front (PF) appear incompetent in handling national affairs.

He said government should be serious when dealing with the lives of millions of Zambians and handle national matters with the utmost importance.

“If you look at what happened in 1991, it’s the food riots from the Copperbelt that brought about the change of government. I am afraid we are going through the same situation even over 20 years after when experiences this crisis. That is why when we criticize, it is because we can see what is happening and not from without,” he said.

Mulongoti said government should be planning and always be on top of things instead of being reactive to situations. He said every person reaches a level of incompetence unless they sharpen their tools.

He said it was important to add value to leadership in government and that there should be a process of appointing competent people into government as opposed to appointments based on loyalty.

“People are asking why we should have a shortage of mealie meal when the country recorded bumper harvest in the just ended agricultural season. So its not a question of lacking but poor planning by this government. We are not talking about the things from Ethiopia but it is reality,” the former MMD minister who vigorously campaigned for PF has said.

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