Establish Sata’s medical board-Changala

Civil rights activist Brebner Changala has observed that establishment of a medical board to ascertain the health of ailing President Michael Sata was now necessary.
Changala however said the calls for setting up a medical board should not be viewed as malicious and called on the government to consider President Sata’s health seriously.
He wondered why the nation was not being informed on Sata’s condition and noted that a medical check-up can’t last for 14 days.
“Nobody knows what is happening to President Sata and we are told he is attending check-ups, which check-up can last for 14 days and how do you allow a head of state to miss the golden jubilee celebrations unless he is hospitalized,” Changala wondered.
The PF government has remained mute on Sata’s condition from the time they told the nation that he had left the country for medical check-ups at a time when he was expected to lead Zambia’s golden jubilee independence celebrations.
Intelligence information however indicates that Sata is in critical condition in London where he is hospitalized

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