Ester Lungu’s tribal donations


President Edgar Lungu is on record saying that he is ready to spend money if that is what it will take for him to win this year’s election. We have all seen how the first family has divided itself across the country distributing money and assorted materials to people.

Esther Lungu, the first lady has been in Muchinga, Northern,  Kapiri Mposhi in Central province and the most recent Namwala District in Southern province on labour day.

‘Animal farm’ treatment is at play in the way the money and materials are being distributed, because some regions are being considered more equal than other regions yet they need even more votes from these regions they are considering to be less important.

Distribution of money

In Kapiri Mposhi a women’s group of 10 were receiving K6000, K1000 per group member.

The first lady goes to Namwala District and she insulted the women who they need to appease so as to vote for us. They travel far distances which for those who booked taxis to be on time paid the cheapest price of K50, that is from Namwala central to Baambwe area Mukobela chiefdom.

Women groups of 10 received K250.

That is K25 person if they chose to share the money.

Now, if people have to vote depending on how they have received their own share of the so called  EL women empowerment funds

are you going to rise and fingercpoint or query the voting pattern when this pattern is actually created by the power in power which is irrational in the manner in which they are distributing the funding.

We have heard the locals talking in Namwala saying

‘Let us by our deeds be judged.’

Name withheld

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