Esther fails to beat American boxer

Judges in the fight between Zambian female boxer Esther Phiri and America’s  Terri Blair decided to declare it a draw.

This was after the two women fought violently in ten rounds without a clear winner emerging

The two were contesting in Women International Boxing Association (WIBA) world light welterweight bout at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka.

Esther was under pressure most of the time and sustained a cut below her right eye. The referee had to temporarily stop the fight in the sixth round to allow Esther clean the blood.

The ever advancing Terri had Esther slip in the tenth round but did not fall as she just touched the floor with both hands.

After the fight Esther said that Terri is a good fighter who kept punching her head.

Terri for her part said she is ready for rematch.

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