EU envoys meet FIC Director

EU envoys meet FIC Director

The European Union Ambassadors accredited to Zambia, led by British High Commissioner, Fregus Cochrane-dyet, met Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) Director Mary Chirwa-Tshuma.

The Ambassadors met Chirwa-Tshuma at the FIC offices on Kudu road in Kabulonga.

The EU Ambassadors expressed concern at the 2017 Trends Report.

Cochrane-dyet tweeted;

“Admire the work of the Zambia Financial Intelligence Centre. Met Director General Mrs. Tshuma with EU colleagues to discuss the alarming 2017 Trends Report.”

Chirwa-Tshuma, whose, contract has come to an end, thrust herself in public limelight when she launched the 2017 Trends Report.

She also appears to have given particular details of her investigations and files to civil society who pledged to “name and shame” the people behind the alleged theft, money laundering, corruption and other suspected financial transactions.

However, government has said that the Director General breached the Financial Intelligence Act of 2010 when she submitted the report to civil society and the public instead of law enforcement agencies.

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya stated that the information and findings of the Centre, required further verification and investigations and it was premature for the Director General to release the Report and findings to the general public.

She stated that the action by the Centre jeopardized investigations and possible prosecution.

Following the concern from government, Tshuma left the country and shut the website of the Centre.

But the FIC website has now been restored and the annual Trends Report from 2014 have been placed on the site again.

The Financial Intelligence Centre (the Centre) is the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the Government of the Republic of Zambia.

The FIU was established in November, 2010 by an Act of Parliament to gather financial

The Centre is the sole designated national intelligence agency mandated to receive, request, analyze and disseminate disclosure of financial information concerning suspected Money Laundering (ML), Terrorist Financing (TF) and other serious offences to law enforcement agencies and competent authorities for further investigations and possible prosecution.

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