EU notes rising tension in Zambia

EU notes  rising tension in Zambia

In a statement on its website, the EU said:

The European Union is closely following post-election developments and notes rising tension and incidents of violence.

All stakeholders, in particular the two main political parties, should engage in dialogue and reconciliation and await calmly the outcome of the complaints and appeals process.

Independent media is a key element of one any democratic and pluralistic society. The recent suspension of several media organisations – Muvi TV, Komboni Radio and Itezhi Tezhi Radio- by the Independent Broadcasting Authority runs counter to this. The lifting of the suspension for Itezhi Tezhi Radio should lead to further positive developments in this regard.

The EU remains committed to Zambia’s democratic, economic and social development. The upcoming recommendations of the EU Electoral Observation Mission, which will stay in Zambia until the completion of the electoral process, are part of this engagement.

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