Europe based UPND members mobilise help for police victim

Europe based UPND members mobilise help for police victim

This is Bernard Lungu. He is the man the PF police brutalized and whose leg they broke when he and other opposition supporters went to give solidarity to UPND vice-president Geoffrey Mwamba (GBM) at Woodlands police station.

Bernard was almost killed by three known police officers who attacked him and beat him using gun butts, boots and fists just for standing, peacefully in solidarity with GBM.

The video of the police  attempting to  murder Bernard was published here prompting  UPND members in Europe to mobilize help for him.

Bernard does now even have a mobile phone and therefore sees hope in change of government hence his decision to go and give solidarity to the UPND leader almost three weeks ago.  Due to his lack of a mobile phone, the good Samaritans could not locate him until yesterday when they managed to trace him in Chipata compound of Lusaka.

The UPND sympathizers donated goods and left Bernard with some money to him, his wife and children.

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