Livingstone MP bribes Kafue police and dead child’s family, Mwaliteta hires thugs to kill Nkombo

Livingstone MP bribes Kafue police and dead child’s family, Mwaliteta hires thugs to kill Nkombo

PF Kafue MP and Western province minister Obvious Mwaliteta together with his Kafue PF district chairman have engaged people from Sioma District and Zimbabwe to come and “clear” UPND Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo.

Mwaliteta wants Nkombo killed  so that he can have peace of mind on the pending court case of assault  for the cracked wrist that he inflicted on his fellow parliamentarian inside Livingstone Central police station.

Meanwhile, newly elected Livingstone PF MP Lawrence Evans who recently sacrificed a child by crushing it with his vehicle in Kafue on a case of causing death by dangerous driving has instead bribed family members and police officers not to arrest him even when such a case has no provision for settlement outside courts. and family members have accepted the bloody money.

Mwaliteta who attended the burial of the baby from Nakoze family of Hankomoone village at Nansenga, Chikankata constituency on 30th March 2013 was heard conspiring with his district chairman after the burial of the infant Lawrence Evans killed.

Mwaliteta, who is a former reservist under the Zambia police anti-robbery squad notorious for extra-judicial killing, was in the company of the Livingstone parliamentarian and a hood of PF sympathizers who did not agree with this plan.

Some of the PF sympathisers around said the plan was beyond what politics provide for society and have since revealed the assassination plan to the Watchdog.

“It would appear that the Kafue M.P has decided to take this matter of the assault that he inflicted on his colleague too personal and has waged a war to a point where he is now threatening the life of Mr. Nkombo the source reported.

We are now appealing to president Michael Sata and the Home Minister to stop this crooked minister’s ill intentions and ask him to concentrate on the P.F development agenda for the country than hunting colleagues to a point of threatening to kill them, PF sources said.

And Livingstone PF M.P Lawrence Evans has paid cash the sum of KR 11,500 for the life of the baby whose life he terminated by dangerous driving.

Sources said Mr. Evans who is known for ritual activities in Livingstone bribed police officers and family members to have the matter closed despite loss of life.

Under the Zambian Penal code, causing death by dangerous driving is a serious offence where the state is the complainant as is similar to murder.

There is no provision for negotiation as the case is supposed to be prosecuted by the state and not negotiated at family level. Even if the killer pays the family under the civil law, the criminal case does not cease and can proceed if the police are not under influence of money.

Mr. Evans has taken advantage of poverty among citizens and being connected to the ruling party now wants to escape after paying the amounts as follows:

Nkwalaula Kalindi (equivalent to a cow)          Kr 1,500.00

Life compensation.                                  Kr10,000.00
TOTAL                                                            Kr 11,500.00
“Mr. Evans may be free from police prosecution but if his conscience is alive, the death he caused by dangerous driving will surely haunt him,” the PF source has said.


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