Even airtime prices go up

Even airtime prices go up

Like everything else, the price of airtime scratch-cards for mobile phone services have been hiked by traders in most parts of Lusaka to gain profit.
But the moribund Zambia Information and Communication Authority (ZICTA) described, the price hike as illegal and criminal.

A check in trading places in Makeni’s Kavindele by the Times of PF area found traders selling airtime scratch-cards at K12 instead of the usual K10. K5 airtime scratch-cards are now fetching K7, and the K1 card has been hiked to K1.50.

One of the traders talked to said the airtime they sold, benefited the companies and not the sellers, hence the decision to effect new prices.

He explained that because there were only three network providers, the talk-time vendors made minimal profits to sustain their lives.

“Yes, we have increased because we have realised that we are not making any profit for ourselves but the mobile phone providers, so far so good, people are buying here, we do not need to get authority since they don’t feed our families,” they said.airtel

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