Even ballot thief Alex Ngoma loses hope in PF, says 2012 was bad

Even ballot thief Alex Ngoma loses hope in PF, says 2012 was bad

ngomaDisgraced UNZA lecturer Alex Ng’oma has observed that Zambia will not achieve meaningful development if the current political turbulence continues.

Ng’oma, who was caught on camera trying to steal ballot papers in Durban when they were being printed for the 2011 general elections  has told Qfm News that all political stakeholders are duty bound to ensure that there is peace and stability in the country for development to flourish.

He has described the year 2012 as a very difficult and unfavorable politically, a situation he says has undermined development.

Ng’oma says in the year under review, the political arena has been characterized by character assassination, name calling and discussions of petty issues that are not beneficial to the Zambians.

Ngoma, who was representing FODEP at the time he was attempting to steal ballot papers has advised political players to work together for the benefit of the majority poor Zambians.

Ngoma is one of the former NGO leaders who undermined the civil society by campaigning  for the PF in the hope that they would be ministers under Sata.

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