Even Bishop Mambo worried with Sata’s fake corruption fight

Bishop John Mambo says the fight against corruption in the country should not be done selectively.

Bishop Mambo is concerned that the recent remarks by President Michael Sata’s suggesting that the Anti- Corruption Commission needs to inform him before instituting investigations into corruption allegations involving any of his ministers.

Bishop Mambo has noted that the position taken by president has the potential to compromise the fight against corruption which the PF committed itself to when it assumed office last year.

The Clergy says President Sata needs to be reminded that the ACC is an institution which is being by professionals who are able to carry out duties in accordance with the law.

Bishop Mambo observed that the corruption in the country has continued to hinder the economic progress of Zambia resulting in high poverty levels.

Bishop Mambo noted that the fight against corruption needs to be undertaken with a holistic approach if corruption is to be stamped out.

The Clergy was speaking to QFM news.

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