Even compromised TIZ getting worried of words without action by PF

Even compromised TIZ getting worried of words without action by PF

Lifuka believes that corruption is only about MMD

TIZ President Rueben Lifuka says the fight against corruption can not just be won by just mere pronouncement as seen in the last 6 months of the patriotic front in office.

Mr. Lifuka says government needs to come up with a proper plan of action which will allow it to deal with the sources of corruption and help put in place mechanisms for oversights.

But because he is a PF cadre, TIZ Lifuka just had to contradict himself and say he is happy with government’s will to fight corruption but states that much more can and should be done.

He says priority in the corruption fight should not only be with the prosecution of a few cases but should be demonstrated beyond investigation and prosecution.

Transparency Zambia is a chapter of the Transparency International and get most of its funding from the International Secretariat in Berlin, Germany. http://www.transparency.org/whoweare/organisation/secretariat

Transparency International says of itself;

‘We are politically non-partisan and place great importance on our independence. We alone determine our programmes and activities – no donor has any input into Transparency International’s policies. Our sources of funding are made transparent as is our spending.’

But in the Zambian case, this statement is doubtful as the people who are running the chapter are increasingly seen to be in alliance with the current government.

TIZ only issues statements were there is a case of corruption involving previous governments but will never say anything regarding current corruption.

If you feel that TIZ is not living upto its expectations and is instead conniving with the people it is supposed to monitor, you can make a complaint to the International secretariat in Berlin using these details:

Telephone: +49-30 3438 200
Fax: +49 30 3470 3912
Email: ti@transparency.org
Website: http://www.transparency.org



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