Even here in Solwezi Zesco is useless

Dear Editor,

I hope you can find some space in your paper that is shaping this country and the millions of Zambians who need a mouth piece like yourselves. We are grateful and indebted to your brave work which many of us fear.

My issue is on ZESCO. This company is really giving us hell here in Solwezi. When you apply for connection, it takes long to get a quotation and when the quotation comes out and you pay, they will tell you that they have no service cables to give you power. Surely is this the way to power the nation by denying the people? Solwezi is a mining town and as such, the demand for power is very high but we are used to black outs and interruptions. Where are the authorities? Recently, they were installing the optic fibre thing and we had to go for three days without power and no proper work , why?

We are being told that the entire ZESCO in Zambia has no service cables and we should wait indefinitely, is it true or these guys are just being corrupt? The company asks you to pay ZMK 2,870,000 and then they don’t give you power, it’s bad. If they know that they have no cables, why ask us to pay for connections we won’t have in time? Why can’t they say: ‘’we have no service cables so wait and when we have that’s when you pay’’. Someone needs to brief the nation otherwise here in Solwezi, we are not happy with ZESCO and its work.

If nothing is changed in the next few days, we shall file a petition with the courts as this is theft of our hard earned money! Should we continue insulting ZESCO just because of power? Do you want us to go to hell and miss salvation because of insulting ZESCO. Just give us power, that’s all we need. Its not free, we are paying for it and every single expense you incur. We just want power on time!!!!

concerned Solwezi resident

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