‘Even in Muchinga development is only on ZNBC’

Dear Editor please hide my identity
Allow me to share the untold stories of Chinsali in Muchinga Province with the nation.
I recently visited Chinsali to my surprise the developmental propangada we see or hear on ZNBC is far from being a reality. By the way if you travel to Chinsali ensure to spend a night in Mpika because you will not find rooms at lodges in Chinsali. Most lodges are occupied by civil servants. Officers talked to indicated to have been in lodges since 2012 and government pays for their board and lodge. Can you imagine how much government has spent! The only reason indicated is that limited rentable houses exist in the Boma. More than 40 officers are accommodated in lodges. Officers are blaming government for delaying the completion of the 30 houses which have taken two years to complete.  “These contractors are connecedt to top people so they cannot be bushed” they said.
Other untold stories shared included PF carders under the directive of Madam E. Kangwa District Commissioner for Chinsali have been closing up offices for Provincial Heads of Departments. They mentioned the Provincial Mother and Child Development Coordinator being the latest victim following the women day celebration vote of thanks which was given by MMD President Nevers Mumbas Sister. Also they indicated that officer in most departments do not have furniture and are sitting on the follow. They challenged me to visit departments like survey, metrological to mention a few.
Interesting to hear was that the provincial administration blocks which was recently rehabilitated at the total cost of K10 million rebased, floor tiles are already coming up everywhere. While we were chating the officer silenced me and said all these new employees are PF carders who are well connected politically. May the provincial administration challenge this article. Thank you Watch Dog

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