Even Kabimba condemns PF 2015 budget

Former Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba says the K2.8 billion, about 7% of the K46.7 billion 2015 budget allocated to the agriculture sector is not enough to address the challenges of farmers.

In his first public statement from the time he was hounded out of PF, Kabimba says he is shocked that agriculture sector is not being given the adequate attention it deserves to help reduce poverty among the majority Zambian people.

Mr. Kabimba who been involved in farming for the last 20 years feels the allocation to agriculture sector will not address the challenges of farmers.

He explained that Zambia has the potential to generate more income from through the agriculture sector with increased budgetary allocation.

Kabimba said the need for farmers to diversify to other crops or animal production if they are to contribute to the country’s food basket.

The former PF Secretary General explained that the Patriotic Front manifesto clearly puts agriculture and education among the top priority sectors hence the need to fulfill what the majority Zambians expect.

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