Even Kasama hospital in critical shortage of staff

Dear Editor,
Please post this for me. I am a student, at Kasama General Hospital and wish to confirm that the situation at this institution has now worsened since since nurses were dismissed by president Michael Sata.

We are now made to look after patients in the unacceptable levels of the ratios of 1 nurse to 10 or more patients at any given time.

Imagine in the hospital’s labor ward I have found 1 midwife against 6 patients and 4 of them were in labor pains about to deliver. Of the 4 patients in labor pains, 2 needed ceasarian operations at the same time and those in medicine understand how critical such a situation.

Government fired 41 medical staffs but only posted 6 and yet they pretend everything is fine! At casualty, yesterday, only 1 student nurse second year was attending to hundreds of Road Traffic Accident victims and Christmas cases.

My plea is please Mr. president call back the nurses or employ at least enough numbers as he fired or Zambia will record the highest death rates

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