Even KK called Zambians ‘stupid idiots’

Editor, I notice that in Zambia its only an insult because HH said it…..

1.Kenneth Kaunda called Zambians ‘Stupid idiots’……Zambians stood by and even laughed out loud,no govt spokespoken or media condemned that not even the private media.

2.Wynter Kabimba recently called the entire UPND leadership including HH as ‘Dogs of War’…….the entire Zambian population was mute.

3.The Post Newspaper has repeatedly and brutally assaulted others with the word ‘stupid’ and yet Zambians sit back and actually cheer the editor on. The govt spokesperson and the outspoken NGOs will lock themselves in their offices reading the Posts unpalatable writings.

4.President Sata has used more demeaning, derogatory and insulting words, expressions and remarks than any Zambian I know. Its actually insults, jokes and lies that have gotten him into state house and nothing else. I have even lost count of the numerous accounts of our president baptizing his opponents with insults and inappropriate remarks both as an opposition leader and head of state.Do you remember what the president said about George Kunda’s widow and you all kept quiet and simply murmured in the corners of your living rooms? Do you remember what HH said about Nawakwi and you all stormed out of your rooms into the streets just to demonize HH? Sata called mwanawasa a cabbage, RB nyama soya, Chanda Chimba as Chanda Cimbwi,Mpongwe women as vinkubala, HH as under 5 etc …..and when HH likened Sata’s style of governance with that of a clueless hyena you all descended on him with shocking speed.

5.Hon GBM honourably used the expression ‘bushe nindalama shaba wiso bafikala’…….and that according to ‘Zambians’ is no insult unless HH is linked to it.

6. Please add more examples here.

There are many examples of foul expressions that have been abused by our politicians to score political points or indeed offend their opponents but HH is one who has used his Nyanja phrases very accurately to summarize his analysis. In brief, lets not selectively vilify HH for making a statement of fact. While its not clear whether HH actually said those words or not it is clear that Scott’s actions fit HH’s alleged description and if HH didn’t say it he should have said it because its true. Can you imagine what amount of condemnation HH will get from you,ECZ, civil society, churches, the media, govt etc if he goes campaigning after the campaign period in any election?

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