Even little salary increments mean nothing

As much as salaries of some government workers have been increased, it means nothing because
1. The cost of living has increased. Cost of basic needs and food has increased. This means money that was to be saved will be used to cushion these high costs
2. Since people with salaries below 1500 were not taxed, the government has increased their salaries to slightly above 2000 so that they too can pay tax back to the government.
3. The money that has been used to facilitate the salary increment is a loan. This doesn’t make sense. It’s like getting a loan from a bank to host a party! That’s not income generating! The money will go and some of us will have to suffer the burden of paying these bonds back as future leaders.
4. Zambia’s borrowing rate right now is over 6% this is one of the highest rates since independence. But what are we borrowing for? Bye elections, random projects, and other unnecessary gambles

I admire China people there used loans wisely and got where they are today. The worlds second largest economy . But we use bonds to impress people and gain political mileage. It’s really a shame.

Kapalasa Job Phiri

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