Even Mpombo shocked by low calibre of PF cabinet

GEORGE Mpombo says police have become malleable clay in the hands of government, according to the PF Vuvuzela.
And Mpombo says the failure by Patriotic Front government ministers to effectively speak out and act in the manner President Michael Sata expects is a reflection of their poor calibre.
Mpombo questioned the approach of the police in resolving the current wave of political violence by cadres.
“The police function in this country has been politicised to the extent that police have become malleable clay in the hands of government because democracy is about the observation of human rights; freedom of assembly, freedom of association. Government is trying to curtail the performance of the opposition by using the oppressive public order Act, and also by organising political goons, like what has happened in Kasama where UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was allegedly blocked to visit Chitimukulu by suspected Pf cadres. You are talking of a weak opposition and all you are trying to do is to ensure that you obliterate the opposition from the face of the political landscape,” Mpombo said.
He dismissed as “complete political hogwash” police’s statement that the protest by PF cadre that marched to State House on Monday to press for their secretary general Wynter Kabimba’s removal from the position was sanctioned and legal.
“They police have a tendency to deceive the public each time a moral issue arises. Police have been against the issuance of permits for demonstrations against individuals – that has been the trend of the times. It is some form of political concoction. The leadership of the government had a hand in this particular arrangement. The whole idea is to disable Kabimba. As it is now, Kabimba cannot visit any one of those townships in Lusaka, he’ll be butchered,” Mpombo said.
And commenting on President Sata’s remarks on his Cabinet ministers failing to speak out on his government’s achievements, Mpombo, the People’s Democratic Party president, said their silence was an indication of the ‘glaring inefficiencies’ which were apparent in the PF Cabinet.
“Look at the calibre of some ministers; they do not measure up to their capacity as ministers. They are not able to answer to the challenge because they have not got the capacity,” Mpombo said.
And in response to claims made by President Sata that the opposition is weak, Mpombo questioned why the PF was losing by-elections.
“I think that kind of thinking is quite faulty. If the opposition is not giving pressure, why is he losing by-elections because that is a very serious indication that the opposition is working,” Mpombo said.
“On the performance of the opposition parties not being very dynamic or robust, we can argue,” Mpombo said.

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