PF has created Time Bomb and 2016 may be too far for Zambians to wait – Sunday Chanda

Open Society Foundation owner Sunday Chanda has disclosed that he suported PF since 2011 but that on a second thought, the Foundation has decided to engage in the highest gear to put to task PF government on its omissions that are open for all to see.

‘We have learnt our rope and from the feedback we get even from Socio Media is that, there was need to review our engagement with Govt and this to us is growth.

‘We have realised that PF has been a disapointiment to voters especially the Young people in this country. He further lambasted Youths and Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili for failing Young people despite being too talkative but still failed to come up with a National Youth Policy as directed by President Sata at Youth Day celebration’, he said.

Speaking when he featured on Radio Phoenix ‘let the people talk’ programme, Chanda further bemoaned the high unemployement levels in the Country despite many promises PF made during campaigns for 2011 general election.

He  said a lot of plunder and corrupt reports are emerging from the PF government and nothing being done by those with authority to deal with such revelations.

“As OSF we are disappointed particularly with PF and President Sata’s move to increase their salaries amdist proposed wage and employement freeze in the 2014 Budget araising from the unstable economy. This is greedy and selfish move on the part of our leaders” says Sunday Chanda

Chanda further warned of serious Ant-government protests in the  few years especially by young people due to unavailability of opportunities for business as well as employements.

” A hungry stomach has no ears and a Hungry person is an Angry person” PF has created a time-bomb for itself.

Citizens are disapointed and if nothing will be done before its too late, Zambians will feel 2016 is too far to wait.

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