Even PF cadre Sunday Chanda shocked at Sata’s greediness of increasing his salary again

Even PF cadre Sunday Chanda shocked at Sata’s greediness of increasing his salary again


Even a die-hard PF cadre Sunday Chilufya Chanda is shocked at the greediness of president Michael Sata and his ministers for increasing their salaries yet again

Chanda is the director of a PF aligned NGO he calls Open society Foundation. He has been supporting all the evil the PF has been unleashing on the country.

But the latest salary increase for Sata and his ministers has left Chanda in disbelief.1239215_10151598569050213_1407474833_o

In calling for the reversal of the increments for already well paid ‘masters’, Chanda said:

‘…The Reported increased salaries ill-timed, insensitive and unwelcome.

‘At a time such as this one when we must attend to the poorest of our people and create jobs for the unemployed youths, it is unacceptable and unthinkable for Government to further increase their salaries in the midst of scarcity of resources.

‘We still make the call that the centre-left ideology must not only be referred to when its convenient. This ideology must become the guiding principle in planning and ensuring the working class and poor citizens realize the dream of a better life for all.

‘We make this clarion call without any mischief that Government must revisit and reverse this decision and instead invest that money into entrepreneurship development for the unemployed youth. Today, striking shoprite workers have been fired for demanding better conditions of service: Our call to Government- Prevail over Shoprite Management and Warn them against paying Zambian workers slave wages, while they pay better wages to their employees in South Africa. Let the Shoprite workers feel that they have a Government that cares about the welfare of the workers and the poor.’

He said the Zambian people have sacrificed through the removal of subsidies and it is high time that Government was seen to be sacrificing too.

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