Even PF controlled L/stone district also runs out of BCG vaccine for babies

Livingstone District, the only place where the ruling PF has a constituency in Southern Province, has also been hit with a shortage the BCG vaccine that is given to newly born babies for prevention against Tuberculosis (TB).

In what is now becoming a national scandal that has never happened in the history of Zambia even under UNIP, the shortage of the vaccine has not spared Livingstone General Hospital and Batoka Hospital, which are the two major hospitals in Zambia’s tourist capital.

Livingstone District Medical officer Cliff Hara confirmed that the entire district had been hit by a shortage of BCG.

Dr. Hara however said the shortage of the BCG vaccines was being handled at National level.

He said the Vaccine ran out about a week ago and that he was not in a position to know when or what was being done because only people from the national office had answers for most queries.

Already the country has no HIV/AIDS drugs as the crumbling PF government is now struggling to borrow money from any willing bank to pay civil servants the much-anticipated September salaries with increments.

So far, the bankrupt PF government has ordered all the banks to release the Eurobond funds to the national treasury so as to meet the salaries for civil servants, a move which is largely temporal because they will have no money next month in any case.

In what has now become a national song at every by-election, PF leaders, including ailing dictator Mr. Michael Sata, always cheats voters to vote for his party if they are to see any development in their areas.

But the voters have so far known the trick and are no longer interested in any more lies as evidenced by the recent by-elections results where the PF was rejected mortally even in Sata’s own home province of Muchinga province.

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