Even South African Govt deposits money in a dubious account

Information has emerged that even the South African High Commission in Zambia deposits money for rentals in a dubious account.Sources within Cabinet Office have disclosed that the South African government just like the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) is renting offices that where seized by the Task Force on Corruption. The properties fall under Tedworth Properties. Meanwhile, the Zambian Watchdog is closing in as regards to obtaining information on who opened an Account at Citi Bank New York under the name of Tedworth Properties. Information reaching the Zambian watchdog so far indicate that former Task Force on Corruption Chairperson Mark Chona, former Task Force Prosecutor Mutembo Nchito now Director of Public Prosecutions and a Mr. Marshal Mwasompelo from the Bank of Zambia may have opened Account 3611-1984 at Citi Bank Wall Street New York. Last month the Zambian Watchdog reported that there was an account similar to the Zamtrop account in New York.The account purported to be a government account is not audited by the Office of the Auditor General. The UNHCR deposits US $ 7800 every month towards rentals. UNHCR occupies Horizon House along Leopards Hill in Kabulonga Lusaka. Horizon House which was being administered by Access Finance was seized by task force on corruption. All properties seized under the task force on corruption were handed over to National Housing Authority but Horizon house was not. Now it has emerged that even offices for the South African high commission were also under Tedworth properties and revenue for rentals is also being deposited into the Citi Bank account.” That story you wrote about a strange account in New York is very true but you did not know that even even the South African government deposits money for rentals into this account. The question the government should answer is who owns this account. Indications so far are that Mark Chona, Mutembo Nchito and Marshal Mwasompelo who is the liquidator for Access Finance opened this account” the source said.

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