Even Zesco salaries not paid as company finances PF cadres travelling for Ncwala ceremony

Power utility company Zesco have not been paid their February salaries but PF has directed the company to fund extravagant costs for PF cadres travelling to Ncwala ceremony of the Ngoni people taking place this weekend.

The workers were supposed to be paid by Friday last week or latest Monday but if luck is on their side they may only get their money today or even next week.

Senior management sources have disclosed that last week government syphoned huge sums of money, part of which was to finance the PF cadres trotting the country with President Edgar Lungu and therefore disturbed the payroll.

“We can’t pay salaries, PF disturbed the payroll when they syphoned money for cadres travelling with the President to Ncwala and the rest of the country. If we collect some maybe Thursday or Friday we pay otherwise its next week”.

If the poor workers are not all paid by today it therefore means that they will have gone for a month without a salary because February ends Monday next week.

The company has become the latest addition to PF government and prastatal organisations failing to pay salaries on time inspire of it making huge monies.

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