Even ZESCO workers not yet paid, as country receives load shedding

Zesco employees who usually get their salaries between 15th and 20th of every month have equally not been paid while the company has continued unleashing load shedding on electricity consumers.

Sources from the power utility company have disclosed that they do not understand why they cannot be paid but suspect that the company’s money may have been used in funding Lungu’s recently held state banquets and trips abroad.

“We usually get our salaries between 15th and 20th but today is 22nd and still nothing has been done. We suspect the company funds were diverted to fund the recent state banquets hosted at state house for some foreign dignitaries and also the President’s foreign trips,” disclosed the source.

In the recent past, Lungu has been hosting different state banquets for visiting heads of states and most of these banquets have ended up as beer parties for PF thugs who besides being feted at the banquet have been having take away beer and food to take to their starving families.

Last month a fight ensued among PF cadres in Livingstone during another state banquet when they ransacked the Sun hotel bar in search of food and beer soon after an announcement was made that the free bar was closed. This was in spite of every one of them getting a free bottle of expensive wines and whisky at the instruction (beer round) of Lungu who himself is in great love with alcohol.

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