Even Zuma misses EU-AU Belgium summit due to uneven playing field

Whilst Zambia’s President Michael Sata was busy rushing to catch a midnight secret flight and arrive in Belgium for a five costly days before AU-EU Summit starts, his counter-part South African President Jacob Zuma was relaxing in his homeland after announcing that South Africa had boycotted the cheap summit due to poor level playing field.

In his typical hypocritical style, Sata was an ever critic of former presidents that attended such meetings that never yielded anything for Zambia other than personal benefits for those on the entourage such as George Chellah who is busy posing for photos in airports.

But of course we understand our Sata, other than loitering in Europe at a meeting that will not yield anything, may take this opportunity to attend an 8 hour detoxication therapy in London after the summit.

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma has joined President Mugabe in shunning the European Union-Africa Summit in Brussels, Belgium, over the contentious invitation list to the meeting. The African Union’s Peace and Security Council last Wednesday resolved that the continent should seriously consider putting the Summit on ice because of the EU’s disrespect for the continent.

Quoted President Zuma 0n SABC News

“I think that time must pass wherein we are looked as subjects, we are told who must come, who must not come, we have not attempted to decide when we meet Europe, who must come and who must not come. It is wrong and causes this unnecessary unpleasantness.” ~ Zuma

“I thought the AU and EU are equal organisations representing two continents but there is not a single one of them who must decide for others. ~ Zuma“

The South African broadcaster quoted political analyst Steven Friedman interpreting the situation thus:

“The position of the African Union is that it should be up to the African Union rather than the European Union to decide which African leaders are accepted or not. ~ Friedman.“

“It seems SA is taking a stand to say you have no right to exclude particular African leaders. ~ Friedman“

Foreign Affairs Secretary Ambassador Joey Bimha said President Mugabe’s stand was consistent with his principled position on Africa being treated as an equal in the comity of nations.

Quoting Ambassador Joey Bimha

“President Mugabe will not be travelling to the Summit and there will be no Zimbabwean delegation at the summit. This means our seat will be empty. ~ Bimha.“

The EU, without giving an reason, did not invite Eritrea. It also did not send an invite to the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic but extended a welcome to it’s coloniser, Morocco

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