Everyone is now calling me ‘your excellency’, Scott tells British newspaper

“I am the acting president at the moment. It has just been passed by cabinet,” Guy Scott has told the Telegraph of UK.
This made him Africa’s first white president of a democratic government ever “except maybe the Venetians in the days when they ran the world,” he added.
Mr Scott described this as a “bit of a shock to the system,” adding: “Everyone is getting used to calling me ‘Your Excellency’, and I’m getting used to it. There are truckloads of guys following me on motorbikes. It’s very strange.”
Asked why he thought he had been chosen by the cabinet to be Zambia’s interim leader, he pointed to his “seniority within the party, in government”, adding:
“The president kept me as his vice-president despite a lot of efforts by people to get me taken down. And I happened to be there when he died.”
He said that he last spoke to Mr Sata, who flew to London almost two weeks ago, several days ago. Asked if he had told him he wanted him to take over the presidency, he said: “He would never be so polite as to do that. But he said he was happy that I was there, to take over if needed.”

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