Everything is collapsing around our country

Everything is collapsing around our country

Everything is collapsing around our country

Dear  Edgar Lungu

I am stuck in the Central Business District because it’s raining.

The drainage does not work and the roads from Benbella, Chachacha and parts of Cairo road are all flooded.

In the morning I was also stuck at government complex.

Roads are flooded even just next to the the government complex where almost all your ministers and technocrats report for work daily.


The e-voucher system is a disaster and is not working very well. We are a few days away from January and most farmers have not received the inputs yet!

Now I have just learnt that the price of mealie meal will go up as Millers have no maize and farmers are holding onto the maize because they don’t agree with the floor price you offered.

And your Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo and Inspector General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja has allowed the Police to continue being a corrupt nightmare to motorists and passengers, mounting their notorious road blocks at every turn and corner!

This is the corrupt face of your government.

Suppliers especially local suppliers are not paid and there is no money in the economy.

Sites are abandoned and all projects started by your government under President Michael Sata have all stalled or abandoned.
When cholera came to Lusaka we kicked out Kaunda.

Now we have cholera in Lusaka affecting thousands and your government is treating it like ordinary diarrhea!

Crime is high in the compound and thugs are raping our women, beating us over small valuables like Pamela and cellular phones

Your Excellency everyone I know is complaining; Workers,employers, farmers, street vendors, soldiers, police, youths, women, all and sundry.

Mr. President where are your advisors? Where is the intelligence?

We know you can’t be everywhere sir but can you make them work, Councillor’s, MPs, Permanent Secretaries and Cabinet Ministers? You are the President.

Are you there Sir?

Moffat Mbewe
Chawama resident

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