Evicted Maggie expects to find crowds at Lusaka international airpot

edmagThough disappointed at being evicted from the Big Brother house, Angolan Edna and Zambia’s Maggie remain optimistic the experience will “open doors” for them in the future.

Sowetan spoke to the two models yesterday following their eviction on Sunday night. Neither understood why they were voted out.

Though tired from media interviews, they said they were looking forward to going home and being with their families. “I am alive! It’s the best reason to be happy,” Edna said.

The 27-year-old international relations graduate said she was disappointed that the women and the men lived separately during the first week of the game.

“I was expecting to find guys in the house. I didn’t know we’d be separated,” Edna said.

She said she was also disappointed she was voted out so early in the game.

“Maybe people did not understand how to vote,” Edna reasoned .

The voting process has changed, with viewers voting for housemates they would like to remain in the house instead of voting them out.

Maggie, 23, said she was happy to have shared the house with 11 women from different cultures.

“I am a little bit sad that I didn’t get to know the guys. At least I know 11 great women. I am cool,” Maggie said.

She said she hoped her experience in the house would open many doors for her as a fashion model – she quit her job as a personal assistant to be able to participate in the game.

The two will return to their home countries tomorrow.

“I am expecting a lot of people waiting for me at the airport. I am looking forward to going home, I missed my family and friends ,” Maggie said.

Meanwhile, Edward from Namibia has been exempted from eviction by head of the house Kevin.

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