Evidence disappears from court

Evidence disappears from court


Corruption in the Zambian Judiciary has continued to be uncovered. This time 24 Kilogrammes of Cocaine with a Street Value of US 2million has gone missing at the Lusaka Magistrate Courts.

The matter came to light today Thursday the 09
9th of August 2018 when three accused persons namely Sydney Mwansa, Shaibu Likuta and Teddy Matanda appeared before Lusaka Chief Resident Magistrate Kenneth Mulife.

According to information obtained from the courts, the three accused were in February 2016 arrested by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) for trafficking in Cocaine. The DEC took the drug samples to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) Food and Drug Laborotory where it was confirmed that indeed the siezed contraband was Cocaine.

The three appeared in court on February 21.2016 and the exibits were tendered in court and kept by the courts. Some time this year, the case officer at DEC discovered that some items and documents that were seized together with the Cocaine on a Tanzania/ Zambia bound bus were missing.

A thourough search was later conducted and it was discovered that the Cocaine was replaced with fake material. Also missing was the Ephedrine that was alleged found with a Nigerian Pastor Amata who was recently acquitted on a drug trafficking case.

The DEC took the replaced item to UTH for retesting and unfortunately it was discovered that the replaced material was not Cocaine. When the matter came up today, the Magistrate briefly refered the matter to Chambers to avoid embarrassing the judiciary that was the custodian of the exibits.

When the matter restarted in open court, Magistrate adjourned the matter to August 24. 2018 and the three accused were remanded in custody.

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