Evil Michael Soko to replace Msiska as Secretary to cabinet

Evil Michael Soko to replace Msiska as Secretary to cabinet

Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska has saved the Zambian Civil Service as Secretary to Cabinet since 2011 as the country’s top civil servant. His performance has been one of the worst in the history of Zambia.

He presided over a civil service that has been cruel to its officer along political and tribal lines. Corruption has been very high both in the management of civil servants, resource management and policy implementation and inconsistence. During his tenure many civil servants were retired in National interest and this will remain as one of his legacy.

Civil servants some of them very young have been retired in order to award jobs to party cadres belonging to the ruling party and some along tribal lines. His performance has been the worst since independence. He leaves the civil service divided, demoralized and ineffective.

His departure is indeed welcome.

In all this the battle to replace the outgoing Secretary to the Cabinet has intensified with some Zambian Citizen of questionable character lining themselves up for the Top Civil Service Job. Roland Msiska’s contract will not be renewed when it comes to an end on 20th February 2019.

However there is one man who is going round telling people that his time to become Secretary to Cabinet has come. His name is Michael Soko, the former Assistant Resident Representative at the United Nation Zambian office.

He was Assistant Resident Representative on Governance and Gender to the Resident Representative, Janet Rogan with whom together they participated in Rigging of the 2016 General elections.

Michael Soko has been pushing to be appointed SC and he has been having meetings with Kaizer Zulu over the same appointment. Soko brags to his friends that his time has come and that he is the only one left from the group of his friends who help Lungu and PF get re- elected.

Michael Soko together with his friends at the UN were recruited by the Patriotic Front around 2012/13 to help them get the PF get re – elected.

Soko was the main man in the entire operation from the UN side because of his position. He was given specific tasks to ensure that the mission was successful among them was to get rid of all people perceived to be from the opposition strong hold from the United Nations Development program and any United Nations agency that deals with electoral related issues in time before the elections. They were to be removed so as to make sure that they do not jeopardize the project of getting PF re – elected.

In return Soko was promised to be made Secretary to the Cabinet. The other person to work closely with Soko at the UNDP were people who could be trusted in the Governance department of UNDP and that saw Chana Kaunda Zambezi a work mate to Soko in the Governance department of UNDP joining hands. Chana Kaunda Zambezi is the daughter of Francis Kaunda the former Chief Executive officer of Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM) during the Kaunda era. Francis Kaunda is a Malawian who has always posed as a Zambian citizen. Chana was working as a Governance and Gender specialist together in Soko’s department and was instrumental in making Soko and the project succeed. She was promised to be made the Chief electoral officer replacing Priscilla Isacks at the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ). However when the time to remunerate her came she was just given the Job of Director Electoral Operation at the ECZ the position she holds up to today.

Michael Soko set himself for the Job of Secretary to Cabinet as his retirement at the United Nations at 60 years was approaching in 2017 just after the 2016 elections would have settled down. In this he saw himself having another life in a Government job up to 65 years.

As per plan, Soko rained terror at the United Nations causing the firing of many UNDP employees who were coming from areas which are viewed as strongholds of the opposition UPND. First he started by cleansing everyone from his Governance department whom he thought could not cooperate. He also made sure that even a Woman who was from Kenya that was hired by UNDP as a Governance expert in the 2011 election was also fired as she was seen as a hindrance to his plan. He waited for any of the Staff whose contract was coming to an end, before he could influence a non-re- newal of their contracts. To be successful in ensuring that he succeeded in purging what he saw as detractors, he enlisted Mashike Yoyo Sichinga, a human Resource specialist at the UNDP and the wife to high court Judge Dominic Sichinga. She was to bend UNDP labour rules so as to make it easy for earmarked UNDP staff to have their contracts not renewed. In return, she was promised that her husband will be brought back to Lusaka from Copperbelt rural where he was transferred immediately after President Michael Sata was elected Republican President. The later warmed up to PF and was entrusted with a lot of controversial PF court cases. One of the Judgement he made was when PF had no candidates due to lack of Grade 12 qualifications, he passed judgement that saw anybody with papers “equivalent” to Grade 12 to be allowed to stand as candidates of either councilor or Member of Parliament.
After Michael Soko cleansed the UNDP of most people who hailed from opposition stronghold, Micahael Sata died and there was a presidential by election to fill the position of President. PF got elected through fraudulently hanging on to power and the opposition decided not to petition. UNDP’s Janet Rogan with her UNDP colleagues declared the elections free and fair.

The 2016 elections were however not to be the same. Michael Soko had no staff to monitor elections on behalf of UNDP since most member of staff had been laid off hence the shortage of staff just like in 2015 by elections. Soko recruited UNDP drivers, office orderly and cleaners on condition that they were from what was perceived as PF strong holds to monitor elections on behalf of UNDP. In cooperation with the electoral commission these officers that did not qualify for that job were given accreditation to be electoral observer on behalf of UNDP.

After the 2016 election was stolen, Soko and his team went on to prepare a report which indicated that the elections were “free and fair”. Janet Logan went further to proclaim the elections to have been free, fair and fraud free on behalf of the United Nations to the displeasure of her bosses in New York who had made their own conclusion through other sources. The opposition United Party for National Development (UNDP) were not happy either and started looking at how a credible institution like the UN could go ahead and declare a sham of the elections as been free and fair.

UPND refused to accept the outcome of the election. When UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema (HH) was arrested, Michael Soko and Chana Kaunda drafted a derogatory latter to the United Nations as exposed by the media especially News diggers. The letter stated that HH was refusing to accept the outcome of the election because he was a bad loser and he was politically finished after been arrested. The letter was signed by Janet Rogan. It was at this time of the fall out that Chana Kaunda Zambezi jumped ship and left UNDP to join the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) in an apparent payout.

Kaizer Zulu thinks Soko is ideal for the job because he is able to do dirt and he is fearlessness. Other members working close with Kaizer Zulu want him (Soko) so that he can clean the Civil service of civil Servants from opposition strong holds that are in sensitive ministries important for the rigging of the 2021 elections. His other task will be to retire all those who hail from areas that are perceived to be opposition strongholds such as Southern, western, North Western, Lusaka and the southern parts of Central province from crucial Ministry important for the rigging the 2021 elections. Is the type of Michael Soko that the Zambian Civil Service really need? This will be a move from the worst Roland Msiska to more than the worst evil Michael Soko.

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