Ex-convict and PF cadre Siame refuses to renew contract for corruption whistle-brower at ZRA

As his boss the Commissioner General Berlin Msiska was being undressed by President Sata at State House, Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Director of Investigations and PF thug George Siame has refused to renew a contract for a ZRA employee a Mr. Sitwala for disclosing corruption activities involving Siame.

According to information obtained by the Zambian Watchdog, Mr. Siame yesterday refused to renew the contract for Mr. Sitwala because he suspects he is the one who tipped Muvi Television journalists in Livingstone that uncovered some corruption activities by Mr. Siame.

A source has disclosed that Mr. Siame is behind the impounding of eight trucks in Livingstone by ZRA officials on allegations of under declaring.

Information obtained indicate that Mr. Siame is demanding a K50,000 bribe from the owners of cargo before the trucks can be released. Further Mr. George Siame who is also an ex-convict has been sending a Livingstone based PF cadre by the name of Shadrick Banda to solicit for bribes from owners of the detained cargo.

“Siame who is very close to Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has been telling his close friends that he is fundraising for the PF campaigns in Mansa but we do not believe he takes the money to the party” the source said.

To cover his dealings Siame yesterday directed ZRA Corporate Affairs Manager Mumbuna Kufekisa to issue a statement that ZRA had impounded eight trucks in Livingstone. Kufekisa issued a statement not knowing that his boss is soliciting for a bribe.

The owners of the cargo confirmed to reporters in Livingstone that they have a recording of some PF cadres soliciting for money before the impounded cargo can be released. One of the PF cadres is suspected to Mr. Shadrick Banda who is a very close ally to Mr. Siame.

Last month Siame refused to renew the contract of a Mr. Kasonde because he insisted on investigating some companies that Siame has interest in. The companies that Siame has vested interest in that cost Kasonde a job are Blue Financial Services and Nedfin Finance.

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