Ex-Dail Mail editor Mukwita faces arrest

Police are closing in on former Daily Mail Managing director Antony Mukwita for various criminal offences  he allegedly committed during his short reign, the Watchdog has been told.

Mukwita was fired from Daily Mail a few days ago but the board gave no specific reasons except that the government media could not continue with Mukwita as chief executive.

But latest information indicate that the police are investigating Mukwita for abuse of office and corruption.

Some of the specific allegations are that Mukwita ordered news-print (the material used for printing newspaper) from outside the country and got bribes in the process. He ordered newsprint for one year.

He, using money suspected to be from proceeds of crime and beyond his earnings, constructed a big house in Foxdale area.

He also allegedly forced Daily Mail to buy him a luxuries vehicle, which he was not entitled to.

Mukwita is also accused of having abused his authority when he ordered Daily mail to pay for guards to guard an empty house.

It is reported that in one of the offences, he is being investigated together with a former permanent Secretary at the ministry of information.

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