Ex-Livingstone MP Sakwiba endorses Musokotwane

Ex-Livingstone MP Sakwiba endorses Musokotwane


After carefully analyzing the capacities and capabilities of the candidates participating in the Livingstone Constituency Parliamentary by-elections I have been mandated by the United Liberal Party (ULP) to endorse Mrs. Regina Musokotwane of the United Party for National Development (UPND).

As a former Member of Parliament for Livingstone Constituency from 2001 to 2011, I know that even in opposition a Member of Parliament can deliver development to the people.  I understand that the people of Livingstone require someone who has the intellect and experience in the operations and workings of the National Assembly to effectively deliver development,

Mrs. Musotwane is the only candidate in this by-election that has experience in the operations of the National Assembly and knows what needs to be done to get development to the people even when she is in opposition.

Development also involves effective participation by a Member of Parliament in formulating legislation that suits the needs of the people; this is an area were Mrs. Musokotwane also excelled when she was a Member of Parliament. The people of Livingstone will definitely benefit from the experience and hard work of Mrs. Musokotwane.

It takes at least three to two years for an individual to fully understand the operations of the National Assembly depending on one’s personal intellect and education, Mrs. Musokotwane has both. The other candidates will require at least two years to learn the operations of the National Assembly before they can even think of development.

I am appealing to the people of Livingstone to vote for Mrs. Musokotwane because she has intellect and experience necessary for developing Livingstone. I have every confidence she will immediately get to working for the people of Livingstone.



Voting for Mrs. Regina Musokotwane will also enhance the ideals for which the people of Zambia in 1991 demanded that Zambia reverts to a multi-party democracy. Electing her will also promote a continued culture of divergent views among our peoples that offer effective checks and balances on any abuses and violations of our constitution that could be committed by the President of Zambia.

The people of Livingstone should not be intimidated by the police on Thursday but must turnout in large numbers to cast the vote for Mrs. Musokotwane in order to defeat the unfortunate path to a one party state by championed by the PF government.


Hon. Sakwiba Sikota S.C.


United Liberal Party (ULP)

Former Member of Parliament

Livingstone Constituency (2001 – 2011)

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