Ex Magistrate mentioned in Mohan’s murder charge

A Lusaka businessman Chileshe Shikabenga yesterday testified that Inktech managing director Matthew Mohan told him that a Lusaka lawyer, Frank Tembo, gave him (Mohan) a contract to kill Cyclone Hardware director Sajid Mohammed Itowala.
Frank Tembo is a former Lusaka magistrate. He is best remembered whn he handled the case “Chiluba is a thief.” He retired from being a magistrate to practice as a lawyer.
This is in a matter before High Court judge Gregory Phiri where Mohan, Shabia Patel and Idris Patel are charged with the murder of Itowala.
The trio is alleged to have murdered Itowala on July 21, 2009.
Shikabenga who harboured Mohan at his house when he escaped from prison told the court that Mohan used to communicate with Tembo to find out when his (Mohan’s) money would be ready.

He told the court that he proved that Mohan was talking to Lusaka lawyer Tembo as he at one time put the phone on loudspeaker as way of proving that he too (Shikabenga) was wanted by the police.

Shikabenga disclosed that Mohan was to collect US$30,000 from Tembo.
He added that when he asked Mohan about the guns used to kill Itowala, he told him that he had given them to Tembo who had thrown them somewhere along Great East Road.
Shikabenga said Mohan, after escaping from prison, stayed at his house for about five days and later told him to leave the house as the police would find him at his place.

Earlier, Shikabenga told the court that on July 15, 2009, he received a call from Mohan so that they could meet but they only did so in the afternoon as his wife was sick.

He testified that when they met with Mohan who was driving a Land Rover discovery three, he asked him to organise four boys to apprehend someone who owed money to some people.

Shikabenga told the court that Mohan did not tell who the person was and he organised three boys, a David Zulu, his former garden boy and his friend (Zulu’s friend), as well as his younger brother Chutu Shikabenga.
He testified that when he took them to Mohan’s place at number one Ngulube Road in Woodlands opposite University Teaching Hospital (UTH), they found another coloured guy by the name of Sean who joined the boys.

Shikabenga told the court that when he went to pick up the boys, one of them was bleeding on his finger and that he then took him to UTH.
He testified that while in the car, his ex-garden boy asked him, “Ba mudala mwati faka mu ma problems ya bwanji?”

Shikabenga said when he asked what his former garden boy meant, he told him that they had just killed the man that they were supposed to apprehend.
He revealed that he later came to know the person as Itowala.
Shikabenga told the court that when he asked Mohan why he did not tell him that in fact they wanted to kill the person, Mohan told him that he had received new instructions to kill the gentleman they were to apprehend.

He told the court that the gentleman (Sajid) owed the same people K600 million and he would get a commission of 10 per cent, which is K60 million.
Shikabenga told the court that when he asked Mohan about the money for the boys, he said he could not get the money as the police would be asking questions but promised to pay him when things cooled down.
Meanwhile, Mohan will today appear in the magistrate’s court on a charge of escaping from lawful custody.
Trial continues.

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