‘Examination Council mobile services worthless’

Dear editor,

kindly hide my I’d.I would like to express my deepest displeasure with the manner in which ECZ is handling its customer complanits.Facts are that I wrote my GCE in august this year and tried to check my results after they were annopunced on wednsday.I used d correct procedure of typing Exam no. Year G12 and sent to 8383,I did so on zamtel X3 on Mtn X5 and Airtel X3,in all my attempts I was being charged K4.I have lost K44 since they announced the results yet results are not being sent to me,isn’t this broad day light robberly? You advertise a service that is not effective,what’s the meaning of that? Just incompetence at its peak.I tried to make a follow up through the 3 network service providers (zamtel,mtn & airtel) I was being referred to ECZ,iv called their toll free number (8383) I doubt if there are agents on d console attending to customer queries as it is constantly busy and when chanced,it goes unanswered….tried to send emails NOTHING,what sort of a nonsense is this????….I only wonder if @ all there are people working for ECZ!!! Majbrinold@gmail.com….for further queries.Thank you.

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