Examinations in Zambia a sham

Management of examinations in Zambia both internal and external
I am a teacher here in Zambia and have invigilated and marked a lot of examinations at both grade nine and grade twelve and what I have experienced especially in the recent past is very unfortunate especially when it comes to the credibility of exams and the products that we produce thereafter. First and foremost I would like to thank the Zambian watchdog for exposing what I call the hypocrisy of the Zambian educational system where we are producing half backed pupils due to the fact that the minister and management of the examination council of Zambia has failed to run the exams in Zambia and would suggest that the council be disbanded with immediate effect.
It is has been sad that the government has always blamed teachers for leaking examination papers to the public but I personally do not think that teachers are to blame for the mess that our country’s education system has found itself. I would give reference to the time when Zambia was still writing the Cambridge examinations or many called it the blue paper which may readers on this platform just heard about. Those examinations where properly managed and administered by the same teachers but why is it that we did not see leakages like we see them today? The answer is simple; it is because the managing agency (Cambridge) is a credible institution not ECZ.
What are the effects of such a scandal?
1. The country’s education and the products produced are being questioned by international universities meaning that those wishing to study abroad will be put through a tough process in the application process.
2. Zambian credentials will be questioned around the world.
What are the long term measures to protect our children?
1. The president if he really cares about and for this country, he should fire with immediate effect the minister of general education and thereafter director in charge of standards and curriculum under which ECZ reports to.
2. The president should fire the entire management of ECZ headed by Dr. Chilala together with the council headed by prof. Phiri.
I am putting up these recommendations so that we can salvage the little credibility still left in our education system. If we were a normal country, by now we could have heard that the entire team managing the exams have resigned but we are not so the president should act. How many scandals should the people hear or see before action is taken on this issue! “PLEASE PRESIDENT LUNGU ACT AND SAVE US THE SHAME”

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