Expatriate boss insulting Airtel workers

Expatriate boss insulting Airtel workers

I am an aggrieved Airtel employee living in fear of losing their employment and at the brink of insanity.

For the last 2 years, we at Airtel have endured constant abuse from our Indian financial director Mr. Mukesh Singla (picture attached) who has threatened to beat up and physically handle employees who refuse to recognise his superiority and authority.

He puts his nose in all company affairs and insists that Zambians are to dull and lazy to do their jobs and he was therefore sent from India to teach us how to work like competent human beings.
Last week, he physically manhandled a senior member of our marketing department and threatened to have his employment terminated if he complained to authorities.
we fail to understand how someone who in India was a mere financial clerk in a department can come to Zambia as Financial Director and subject hardworking Zambians who are more qualified than him to ridicule and abuse. I believe this is a new form of colonialism that we as independent patriots cannot sit down and accept without a fight.
I wonder how the immigration department can give this man a work permit when there are many qualified zambians of sobre nature sitting at home and unable to find jobs.
we appeal to the general public and the government to save us from this abuse from this little man. How can we be slaves in our own country? we have had enough!

Frustrated Employee

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