Expel YALI from constitution coalition – Nkhoma

The Grand Coalition on the people driven Constitution making process in Eastern Province has called for the immediate expulsion of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) from the coalition for gross misconduct, treachery, insincerely and hypocrisy on the constitution making process.

Grand Coalition Provincial Chairperson for Eastern Province Maxson Nkhoma told the Watchdog that YALI’s conduct is not only an embarrassment to the grand coalition but also the young people and the People Zambia as whole.

YALI secretly submitted a ‘proposal’ to the PF regime in which they are requesting that the new constitution should only be given to Zambians after 2016. YALI also wants a referendum on the constitution to be held at the same time with the general elections in 2016.

But Nkhoma said ‘It has become very clear that unity of purpose to demand the immediate release of the draft constitution can no longer be respected by YALI and therefore the organization should be expelled from participating in any of the activities of the grand coalition.’

‘We wish to urge the Grand Coalition national secretariat to call for a quick executive meeting that will look at the sudden U-turn made by YALI on the constitution making process.

‘The stance taken by YALI who were also members of the Grand Coalition has the potential to erode public confidence in the coalition as it may be seen that the coalition has changed its position on the constitution making process when in fact not’, said Nkhoma.


Nkhoma said ‘it is against this background that the coalition in Eastern Province is of a considered view that YALI be expelled from the coalition with immediate effect for conduct likely to tarnish the image of the coalition and bring the coalition into disrepute and public ridicule.’

He said the Coalition would not accept to have treacherous individual organizations in its membership ‘at this critical time when the coalition is looking at various strategies that can be used to influence government to immediately release the draft constitution and enactment of the same through a referendum.’

Earlier, Deputy Chairperson of the grand Coalition Judith Mulenga said it is good that YALI’s true colours have manifested following the organisation’s U-turn over the demand for a new constitution.

Ms. Mulenga who is also Executive Director of the Zambia Civic Education Association said the coalition had always suspected YALI of leaking information to the Government over the Coalition’s activities.

“What has happened is unfortunate but not surprising. We have always suspected comrade Andrew (YALI President Andrew Ntewewe) of being a mole and this has confirmed that he is a traitor. He has chosen to betrayal the collective resolve of the Zambian people,” Ms Mulenga said.

She said the backlash that has followed Mr Ntewewe after announcing his parallel 10 point constitution master plan is evident that Zambians are disappointed with YALI’s U-turn.

“It is clear that Zambians do not trust Andrew any more. All the radio or TV programme he has appeared on trying to explain his 10 point master plan, Zambians have told him off and it is good that his hand has been seen for what it,” she said.

Ms Mulenga vowed that the work of the civil society on the constitution will continue with increased vigour and resolve.

“We are not stopping here. We will continue carrying the message of the people that Zambia needs a new constitution now. We will not wait until after 2016 elections, a new constitution is a must now,” she said.

The Zambian Watchdog fully endorses the call to expel YALI from the coalition. It is better for the coalition to remain with a few committed members than to strategize with traitors. It is a pity that an organisation that uses the name of President Obama to market itself can sink so low for a few pieces of silver from Wynter Kabimba. It is clear that the useless document YALI is now foolishly tying to market was authored by Kabimba.

We also call upon the USA embassy in Lusaka to re-examine its relationship with YALI. It is very difficult to imagine how the name of president Obama can be associated with such mediocrity and lowlifes.

Who does YALI represent anyway apart from those two or four pompous boys with strange names?

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