Exploitation by Multichoice

Multichoice Zambia not only exploit its customers but members of staff as well!!!
It’s a well-known fact that Zambian customers are amongst the highest paying subscribers in Southern Africa. Surprisingly, this fact does not translate to anything to the common member of staff at Multichoice Zambia where staff are not well paid.
We are well informed that currently Multichoice Management and the Zubid Union are in negotiations where Multichoice have insisted on awarding its employees with a K 550 only increment who have refused buy us non-unionised staff have not one to speak for us. This K 550 encompasses Basic salary increment, Housing and Transport. Imagine a company with over 500,000 active subscribers making millions every day decides to award its unionised employees with a K 550 annual increment? How ridiculous? This is the same company that spends thousands of Kwacha’s on a day’s event, thousands of kwacha’s on an activation or campaign, thousands of kwacha’s on sponsorships.
Then the question that begs to be asked is “where is the plight in their employees?”
Multichoice Zambia MD madam Ngoza Matakala, HR madam Martha Sikasula and the entire Management woke up and do what’s required for those hard working employees you have. Award them proper salaries and conditions of service. Where will a K 550 increment take an employee whose House rentals are increased every year by not less than K 500, Power is increased often and soon will be increased by 75% and transport fees are usually increased at least twice in a year. Let us not mention other things such as food whose prices have almost doubled and school fees which increase annually. Why are you throwing a blind eye to all these very important issues which affect your employees on a daily basis in the name of satisfying who? K 550 increment is too little for a company like yours that’s why you have such a High turnover of staff. Your colleagues in South Africa treat their employees well, do the same.
The company claims to put the customer first, how so when the employees that serve the customer is not well paid? How motivated are your employees to put the customer first in their everyday interactions while all they are thinking about while on duty is how to pay that money they owe “Nkongole”, where to borrow some more money or how to steal from with the company or make deals internally.
A WARNING to Multichoice management, competition has come and very soon if you continue exploitative leadership where you are paying your staff members’ salaries just to make them literally survive the month while you get huge sums of monies per month will cost the business.
Give your employees a reasonable increment that will take in account the economic shocks. Your truly unhappy staff members
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