Explosives found in Kalabo

Explosives found in Kalabo

A bridge in Kalabo

Explosives suspected to be bombs have been found in Kalabo’s Kashitu compound, both the Barotseland Freedom Movement and members of the BRE have confirmed.

The first bomb was found by residents on Tuesday May 1, 2012 in the Kashitu residential area, according Barotseland Freedom Movement International Relations Secretary Shuwanga Shuwanga.

And a member of the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) told the Watchdog Wednesday evening that a second bomb has been found at the same place just before sunset on Wednesday.

According to both Shuwanga and the BRE member, Zambia police officers failed to diffuse the first bomb.

Zambia army officers were called in and only managed to blow the bomb around 14 hours local time.

Regarding the second bomb found today, the BRE , member said, ‘we have just received information five minutes ago that another bomb has been found at the same place in Kalabo.

The BRE member could not however say what type of bombs have been found saying they are still waiting for full details whether it was a grenade or just some explosives.

Commenting on the incidence, Barotseland Freedom Movement International Relations Secretary Shuwanga accused the Zambian security of planting the bombs in order to implicate people advocating for the Barotseland secession.

He said: ‘We are particularly concerned about this incidence as we had got information over a week ago that Zambian police agents planned to engage on clandestine activities of planting explosives in business and residential areas in order to use them as an alibi to persecute those in support of Barotseland’s independence, particularly the Barotse activists. Such a practice is not only dangerous to innocent people of Barotseland but also counter productive.

‘As Barotse activists, we are committed to peace and see no reason why we should become so insane as to engage in any violent activities as violence will certainly not be in the interest of either the people of Barotseland or Zambia. We, therefore, call upon the Government of Zambia to be responsible enough by investigating this incidence to the fullest and have the findings made public. ‘

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