Exposed corrupt ministers say Auditor general is stupid

Agriculture deputy minister Rodgers Mwewa and his labour ministry counterpart Ronald Chitotela say Auditor general Anna Chifungula is incompetent, Immature, petty and stupid for citing them in their fraudulent purchase of write off vehicles as ambulances for their constituencies.

Mwewa, MP for Mwansabombwe and Ronald Chitotela of Pambashe constituency in Kawambwa district have also hired PF thugs to forcibly remove council secretary Maseka Njapawu and his director of works, a Mr. Nkole  accusing them of leaking information. Ignorance and desperation has also made them threaten to sue her if she does not apologise within 48 hours, but the auditor general enjoys immunity from legal suits.

The government does not buy second hand vehicles but the duo fraudulently obtained quotations from Toyota Zambia and CFAO motors for brand new vehicles and later acquired write off vehicles at inflated prices from a friend and named PF cadre using a fictitious company in July this year.

Mwewa husband to suspended cabinet office Permanent secretary Anna Mwitwa is also linked to a fertilizer scam which also names President Sata and agriculture minister Robert Sichinga. Using stolen money, the crooked couple booked the entire Protea Hotel for a weekend to dine and wine with their friends but a Zambia Watchdog exposure compelled dictator Michael Sata to suspend her and it ii likely, she will be prosecuted as she belongs to the GBM camp which is targeted by the cartel comprising Post newspaper owner Fred Mmembe,  Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito and Justice minister Wynter Kabimba.


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